Reading in the Middle Grades

7th and 8th grades have always been my favorite grades to teach. I’m pretty sure my own love of reading happened when I was in my own version of these particular grades– what a relief to find the escape of books!

But not every student has found a book they are passionate about by these grades. How can we foster this love as educators and parents? Is there an “inevitable” age that they just aren’t going to become lifelong readers?

The easiest answer is to keep searching for that one magical book that clicks. Encourage your children by taking an interest in reading on your own, whether its with print and digital media. Teachers can slowly build a classroom library filled with intentional books for students to enjoy.

At its essence, reading will cross over into every foundation of school: word problems, history and science lessons, and generally every subject you can think of.

Welcome to my new blog ūüôā

What Happened?

This year is a long way from the start of this original blog.  I originally began this blog to connect with friends and family way back in 2010.  We were homeschooling then and life was so chaotic!

Since then, life is still chaotic, and we are partially homeschooling (read: university model school).  The girls are older now, and since I jumped on the social media bandwagon, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram seem to make a quick word and picture so much easier than a little-read blog.

Also, I realize and respect the need for my daughters’ privacy even more as they enter the teenage years. ¬†Right now, this is a¬†time of reflection on the direction of this blog. ¬†The old pages still exist, but I intend to keep them private.

A new blog, a new direction; I suppose it may be a reality.  You just never know.